This is important

Ensuring good education for the next generation is literally the most important thing humanity can do. Yet the world does not approach it as such. Teachers are underpaid, students are under-inspired, parents are under pressure, and the world is understandably underwhelming.
Education Studios has been formed to address this state of affairs.
We believe the first step lies in making education a bit more play-full.

Playing is fun.

It deeply resonates with who we are, it’s the way we evolved over millennia.

Learning can happen when playing happens.

Indeed, all animals learn to play, and play to learn.

One animal however, has not figured it out quite yet...

For us humans learning how to succeed is not all fun and games.

We call it education. It can be a bit boring and not very inspirational.

We try to educate ourselves by not playing, and then satisfy our desire to play by doing it in a way that is not too educational...

We dream of playing but don’t know how to play to find and chase our dreams.


Let’s break
this silly cycle

Us humans need to make an effort to make education playable. It is what nature intended ;)

Everyone wants to be a hero.

We believe everyone can become one.

Humans are unique among animals in how unique each human is.

Good education is about finding and growing your uniqueness through play.

And about giving educators who know how to do it a chance to shine.

We are building mobile games where players find their strengths by losing themselves in futuristic adventures with captivating storylines that spill over into educational AR metaverses, where students grow their Avatars as a reflection of their proclivities and teachers become global influencers by building breathtaking worlds.