Welcome to the world where your creativity, knowledge, and perseverance make the impossible probable.

Education Studios is erasing the line between gaming and learning. Explore the past, the present and the future, science and art, the real and the make-believe with your friends, your teachers and your trusty assistant H.I. - the Holographic Intellect - in a series of games that augment your education.

through imagination.

Roam the breathtaking environments set on giant McKendree spaceships, where futuristic technology allows your avatars to bring your imagination to life, overcome dazzling challenges with your friends and learn about the world through immersive adventures.

Get down
to the details.

Learn about the world by bending the fabric of space and time.

Study such topics as photosynthesis by shrinking to a minuscule scale in mind-bending adventures.

Understand your proclivities.

Grow your avatars instead of simple social media profiles by completing quests in futuristic educational environments, connect with other players, and take the imaginary into the real world.

Augment yourself.

Learn about the simple and the nuanced, customise your experiences and share them with the world in a tactile AR metaverse.