Welcome to the world where your creativity, knowledge, and perseverance make the impossible probable

Travel to the year 2525 where education and adventure are one and the same.

Break the Fourth Wall

Take your adventures into the real world. Mobile games, school curricula, as well as family days out – all come together on an overarching social platform.

The Book of Knowledge

Complete, collect and share all your experiences through a book that weaves the real and the imaginary, the digital and the physical.

Connect the Dots

Play and learn holistically — all your discoveries are saved in a Knowledge Map that highlights the relationships that make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Get Down to the Details

Learn about the world through quests that bend time, space, and your mind.

Study the very small to understand the vastness of your potential.

Understand Your Proclivities.

Pursue the adventures that resonate with your interests to grow Avatars that represent your strengths.