About us

Education Studios is part of the Ruliad ecosystem. We work under the ethos of Real Impact, building products that allow humanity to maximise its potential.
Our unwavering goal is to ensure good, play-full education for the next generation.
Education Studios is deeply indebted to Project Ukraine - an initiative to find and unite the best Ukrainian talent to ensure that Ukraine is reborn as a tech superpower.

Education Studios Leadership

Never lets good structure stand in the way of good chaos.


Chief Entropy Officer
Sees magical knowledge in things that forget they are magical.


Chief Education Officer
His Dunbar’s number is ∞.


Manager General
Comes close to God in the beauty he can create in 7 days.


Leader of Art
Everything he creates comes to life (scary).


Concept Art Wizard
Uses technology that hasn’t been invented yet.


Tech Monster
Can control space and time (probably).


Tech Master
Can build anything in more dimensions than you.

Dmitriy B

The World Creator

We are looking for the most inspired and inspirational people to help us suffuse playing with education, and vice versa.