About us

We work very hard because we strongly believe in the ethos of play-full education. We are very good at what we do, but we know our limitations. We understand that knowledge is created only in unity with others, and we constantly seek out those who challenge our assumptions.
We are Education Studios, and we believe in a future where children play to learn and teachers are the real influencers.

Education Studios Leadership

Learning to divide by zero.


Chief Executive Officer
Sees magical knowledge in things that forget they are magical.


Chief Education Officer
His Dunbar’s number is ∞.


General Manager
Uses technology that hasn’t been invented yet.


Comes close to God in the beauty he can create in 7 days.


Art Director
Michelangelo of the 21st century.


3D Artist
Can build anything in more dimensions than you.

Dmitriy B

Level Director

We are looking for the most inspired and inspirational people to help us suffuse playing with education, and vice versa.